Is TestaGenix 180 Scam? Read Shocking Side Effects Before Free Trial

Increasing muscle mass and achieving enlargement goals is very challenging and despite working harder at gym you may find it difficult to achieve the solid rock physique. As we age, the body demands for more nutrients and other elements which are required to pump up the muscle faster. Testosterone is the male hormone that tends to reduce with the increasing and as a result we experience poor muscle growth and low energy at gym and hence muscle building becomes challenging for us. So, to restore the testosterone count and magnify your muscle growth results Testagenix 180 has been formulated. This is basically a testosterone boosting supplement that increases your stamina and endurance at gym, while helping you to pump up the muscle mass faster.

TestaGenix 180

Testagenix 180 is the natural muscle enlargement supplement which is designed to boost your performance and endurance level at gym, while helping you to pump up the muscle mass faster. This dietary supplement amplifies the flow of testosterone in body which is required to enhance circulation of blood for increased muscle strength and energy. The supplement nourishes the muscle tissues to accelerate the growth results, while helping you to perform harder reps and intense workouts for longer period without getting fatigue.

How to Work Testagenix 180

Testagenix 180 is dietary supplement that works instantly as it gets dissolved in your bloodstream. This fast acting formula boosts your body’s capacity to produce more testosterone and nitric oxide which is responsible for enhancing the blood circulation in body. It also nourishes the damaged muscle tissues, while helping you to pump up the muscle mass faster. It promotes faster muscle growth by increasing your endurance and stamina for intense workouts for longer period at gym.


  • Zinc Oxide – This is the primary component of Testagenix 180 which is included to boost your muscle enlargement results and endurance level at gym for intense workouts.
  • Tongkat Ali – This is an herb which is known to increase blood circulation and production of testosterone in body
  • Saw Palmetto – This is a plant extract which is included in the supplement to boost endurance and stamina during intense workouts at gym.
  • Calcium – This component is included for the bone health and to improve the density and strength of your bone and muscle mass. It gives you the required energy at gym for harder reps and intense workouts for faster muscle growth

Dosing Instructions

The instructions of dosing of Testagenix 180 are clearly mentioned on the label of the supplement. The monthly bottle includes 60 capsules and this indicates that you need to take two capsules daily with water. However, it is better to consult the doctor to know the precise dosing of the supplement.

TestaGenix 180

The supplement must be used in prescribed doses to avoid further complications and for desired results; you are required to take the capsules for at least 90 days.

Pros of Testagenix 180

  • It increases your muscle strength and endurance during workouts
  • It decreases muscle fatigue and post-workout muscle recovery
  • It promotes faster muscle growth
  • It increases your muscle mass and strength
  • It promotes healthy weight loss and assists you in building stronger muscle mass
  • It enables you to build ripped and lean muscles
  • It boosts the production of testosterone in body

Cons of Testagenix 180

  • The supplement can be purchased online only
  • There is no evidence provided from the manufacturer of the supplement
  • The complete list of ingredients are not available anywhere
  • Overdosing may cause side effects

Why Make Use of Testagenix 180?

If you are looking for healthy supplement to augment your muscle growth results and enhance your sexual performance naturally, Testagenix 180 is the best choice for you. It comprises natural and herbal components which enhance your muscle growth results and sexual endurance without causing any negative effects to your health.

Is There Any Side Effect?

There are no side effects reported by the users of Testagenix 180. Since it comprises online herbal and natural ingredients, there are no side effects associated with this supplement, until and unless you take it in prescribed doses.

Where To Order Testagenix 180?

People who are interested in buying this supplement need to purchase the monthly supply online from the brand’s website. You don’t need to produce any prescription and hence you can simply purchase it by ordering online.

TestaGenix 180

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TestaGenix 180
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