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You might not be aware about the chemicals that you are consuming daily through your foods. The level of toxin in body also increases with unhealthy eating habits. The amount of processed foods are also increasing in our daily diet and as a result it is increasing your body’s ability to put on weight and this also hamper your digestive health by increasing toxic chemicals in the body. By fighting off these parasites and flushing out the toxic chemicals from the system you can lead a healthy lifestyle and regain control over your weight loss. To help you in your endeavour, SomaBiotix has introduced a range of products which are designed to enhance your health and make you feel happy and satisfied. SomaBiotix is the nutritional supplement that is available in the form of digestive enzyme blend and it can improve your digestive health and boost your weight loss regime.


SomaBiotix is the brand that manufactures a variety of nutritional supplement by using premium grade ingredients which are extracted directly from the Mother Nature and the product line of the company offers a variety of healing effects. It flushes out the toxin build from the digestive system and promotes healthy weight loss.

The Product Line of SomaBiotix!

The first product of the company is the nutritional supplement which is designed to offer digestive support in efficient way. This product is designed using medically approved ingredients which are known to provide effective support to your health and improve your digestive health without causing side effects. The formula supports your digestive health and it is designed with a special blend called “Regularis”. It is designed with the unique blend of healthy ingredients which offer triple benefit to your digestive system. The prime ingredient is the probiotic strains which is combined with digestive enzymes and herbal extracts and this blend offer long term support to your digestive health. The supplement also comprises other ingredients which enhance your energy level and reduce the level of fatigue.

The Probiotic Digestive supplement is the prime product of SomaBiotix and it is the best selling supplement that offers healthy benefits to your digestive system without side effects.

List of Ingredients

  • Ginger Root – This is the herb that is being used for over 2000 years to enhance the digestive system and to relieve the symptoms of upset stomach
  • Cellulase – This is another enzyme which is helpful for breaking the fibers which we consume through various foods
  • Amylase – This is also an enzyme which is known to support the digestion of carbohydrates.


The Advantages of SomaBiotix Probiotic Digestive Formula

  • The formula flushes out the toxin build up from the system
  • It cleanses the digestive tract and colon and replaces the harmful bacteria with the good ones
  • It removes the bacteria which causes diseases
  • It improves overall digestion and relieves symptoms of inflammation bowel diseases
  • It treats chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome
  • It improves immune health and reduces cholesterol

Digestive Enzyme Blend of SomaBiotix

Another important product produced by SomaBiotix is Digestive Enzyme Blend which is designed to reduce the issues of bloating and it also helps the users to lose weight and reach their weight loss goals faster. It is formulated with probiotics and it is blended with digestive enzyme which helps your system to digest foods faster and it also reduces acid reflux diseases. The prime ingredients of the formula are:

  • Lipase – This is an enzyme which is known to break down the fat cells in body and reduce the fat produced by pancreas
  • Parsley Leaf – This is an herb that offers many nutrients like potassium, folic acid, flavonoids. This enzyme is known to improve digestion and treat gastrointestinal diseases
  • Protease – The is also an enzyme which is responsible for breaking down the proteins in body

SomaBiotix Prilogen

This is the latest formula that is included in the product line of SomaBiotix and this formula offers a variety of health benefits and helps you to stay focused and alert all day long. This formula is designed with a variety of natural ingredients which are known to boost energy level, concentration, mental performance and athletic performance. It also comprises vitamins which are known to boost your brain and cognitive functioning.

Prilogen PM by SomaBiotix

This is another new product included in the SomaBiotix product line recently and this is a brain boosting formula which increases your mental power, functioning and alertness. This formula helps you to enjoy sound sleep at night and help you feel refreshed all day long. It comprises ingredients which keep your brain normal and mental relax and significantly improve the quality of sleep at night.

Where to Buy SomaBiotix Products?

All these products of SomaBiotix can be purchased online from its official website directly and you can also check more information about the doses and the processes of using these formulas from its website. The cost of per bottle of these formulas would range from $38.98 to $40 and there will be additional charges of shipping which is $3.99.


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